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Drug Court

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A medication court is an extraordinary court given the duty to deal with cases including drug-utilizing guilty parties through far reaching supervision, tranquilize testing, treatment administrations and quick authorizes and motivating forces. The expected reason for the medication court is to rebuff peaceful wrongdoers less brutally than imprisonment however more cruelly than probation while diminishing the requirement for development of new detainment facilities. Members experience long haul treatment and directing, authorizations, motivating forces, and incessant court appearances. Fruitful culmination of the treatment program brings about rejection of the charges, diminished or put aside sentences, lesser punishments, or a blend of these. Above all, graduating members pick up the fundamental devices to revamp their lives. Since the issue of medications and wrongdoing is much excessively wide for any single office, making it impossible to handle alone, sedate courts depend upon the every day correspondence and collaboration of judges, court faculty, probation, and treatment suppliers. Because we think that this is a very important information for everyone, we are using cheap vps hosting linux, so that more people will find out about this useful knowledge. But not only working on Linux, the web hosting is also working on windows, and providing some necessary software.

Circuit Judge Prentiss G. Harrell established the 15th Judicial District Drug Court of Mississippi in December 2007. The Drug Court Program serves Jefferson Davis, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, and Pearl River Counties.

Key Components

  • Fusing drug testing into case preparing.
  • Making a non-ill-disposed connection between the litigant and the court.
  • Distinguishing litigants needing treatment and alluding them to treatment at the earliest opportunity after capture.
  • Giving access to a contiuum of treatment and recovery administrations.
  • Checking restraint through incessant, compulsory medication testing.
  • Building up a planned procedure to represent tranquilize court reactions to members' consistence.
  • Keeping up and assessing program objectives and gaging their adequacy.
  • Proceeding with interdisciplinary instruction to advance powerful medication court arranging, execution, and operations.
  • Producing associations among sedate courts, open offices, and group based associations to create neighborhood support and improve medicate court viability.


On the off chance that ALL of the accompanying explanations are genuine a man may apply to be a piece of the Drug Court Program. Since there are a set number of spots accessible in Drug Court different variables might be considered.

  • Given a proposal by the area District Attorney and capturing office.
  • They have a medication and additionally liquor issue.
  • They are accused of a lawful offense.
  • They are not accused of a wrongdoing of viciousness.
  • They are not accused of a sex wrongdoing.
  • They are not accused of dissemination, deal, ownership with plan to appropriate, creation, maufacture, or development of a controlled substance.
  • They have not been sentenced a sex wrongdoing or wrongdoing of savagery previously.
  • They have not been sentenced circulation, deal, ownership with purpose to disseminate, generation, Manufacture, or development of a controlled substance.


The fifteenth Judicial District Drug Court decides acknowledgment of members in view of a serious screening method in conjunction with Pine Belt Mental Health Services. With a specific end goal to qualify, a member must meet all qualification prerequisites under the Alyce Griffin Clark Drug Act, MCA � 9-23 (Download Drug Act). We additionally assess members' potential for acknowledgment in light of proposals from our District Attorney's office and in addition nearby law requirement. To print and present the referral frame, please tap on the accompanying connection (print through your program, or spare to PC and print). Fax finished referral shape to 601-796-8511 (Download Referral Form).


Hon. Prentiss Harrell, Drug Court Judge
Robert C. McMorrow, II, Drug Court Coordinator (Email)

Drug Court Office
PO Box 607
Purvis, MS 39475

Phone: 601-796-8510
Fax: 601-796-8511

Meeting Times

Drug court meets every Thursday in the following locations:

Pearl River County 8:00 AM
Marion County 12:15 PM
Jefferson Davis County 2:30 AM
Lamar County 5:00 PM