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Judge Tony Mozingo

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Judge Anthony A. Mozingo was chosen to the seat in November of 2010, in the wake of filling in as Justice Court and Municipal Judge around the fifteenth Judicial District for an over 10 years. He has additionally filled in as lawyer for the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, and the Boards of Directors of the Longleaf Trace, West Lamar Water Association, and the Lamar County Economic Development District.

Judge Mozingo's abstract commitments have been distributed in a few daily papers and magazines and he has given innumerable meetings and addresses on issues, for example, South Mississippi's history. In 2007, he distributed the Longleaf Trace Companion, the official manual of the range's head recreational scene, the Longleaf Trace Recreational Trail.

Tony Mozingo is an alum of the University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi College School of Law and lives in Lamar County with his significant other Ashley, and youngsters Robert Lee, Grace, and Millie Rose. He is an individual from the Primitive Baptist confidence.