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Jury Duty

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Dear Fellow Citizen:

As the encased summons shows, you have been chosen from the voter moves, as per law, for jury obligation on the date, time and place demonstrated. Your response may first be to endeavor to dodge this individual bother, however jury benefit is an essential community obligation whereupon our court framework depends. It is vital to have a genuine cross area of our district spoke to and to have a full jury board for the cases to be heard amid your administration. This is your court framework and the nature of equity may be on a par with the composite knowledge and insight of the members of the jury who serve.

Encased please locate an able legal hearer shape that must be rounded out by you and instantly come back to the Circuit Clerk in the encased tended to envelope. This data is all that you will be required to give and is for your benefit in impaneling the jury.

We do perceive that once in a while conditions exist when people can't serve and ought not be required to serve. Segment 13-5-23 and 13-5-25 of the Mississippi Code cover this subject. So that you may see the written law, enclosed are duplicates of these two segments. The Court can just reason you for one of these particular statutory reasons. Regardless of whether displayed by your specialist's testament, affirmation, face to face, or in open Court, your reason must meet these statutory rules. All composed reasons must be exhibited five days under the steady gaze of the court date to the Circuit Clerk. You are liable to punishment of prevarication for any wrongful data given in that. A specialist's testament may likewise be returned in the encased envelope.

We will do all that we can to make your jury benefit as helpful as could be allowed. Most serve's identity happy they were called; that by finding out about their court framework they have more pride and trust in it. Likewise, toward the finish of your administration you will have the fulfillment of realizing that you did your part to bring equity among your kindred nationals. We anticipate working with you toward that end.